A Few Excerpts From The Book "Still On Our Own"

Their loud conversation continued until 2AM and then persisted until 3AM. Karen got up and stuck her head out the door to see if she could see anything and to no one's surprise discovered that they were outside in front of their unit a couple doors down from us chatting away with not a care in the world. She very politely asked them to keep it down because their voices were carrying. That is precisely the reason that she was dispatched to warn them and not me. Had I done it there would have been harsh words, verbose cursing and likely the dispatch of the local SWAT team.

The sun rose at 5:10AM, which is when I woke up. It wasn’t because there was any noise or disturbance or anything like that, it was just because that’s when I woke up. I threw on some clothes, grabbed a camera and went out on the balcony for a perfect view to the start of hopefully a beautiful day. There was actually someone sitting out a couple of doors down. At first I didn’t notice him in the darkness but then he farted loudly and that gave him away. I have seen sunrises in the Caribbean and Hawaiian Islands but few compare to what I saw this morning.

Chelsea, the desk manager who booked us in had been a snot from the get go. The other woman who had shown us to the rooms and run all the messages to the desk had been cheerful and friendly. I told Chelsea I understood that different rooms were different prices but in this case, as their only guests, we should be given the better room for the same price. She said it couldn’t be done in her snotty monotone voice so I asked if I could speak to the hotel manager or owner about it. She claimed she had already done that and been told no. Yeah right – you didn’t talk to anyone.

The police arrived at 9:35AM and it was 10:20 when we finally got moving. The police entered the report and indicated they were unable to determine fault as our stories were opposed. She did mention that based on the story the truck driver gave, that being that he could not see me, that we were at fault. Because he couldn’t see us we are deemed as interfering with his progress. Even if that is true (and I do believe he could not see us) I have trouble understanding how the truck driver is not at least partially responsible. Does the law state that if you can’t be seen you are not there? Obviously we were there!

“If you look to your left you will see a space ship-like building. It’s not a space ship actually it is a geothermal energy power plant. There is a lot of hot water and steam in the area and the plant produces electricity.”

“Soon you will smell something strange like I have farted or something but it wasn’t me. The Earth is farting really. How sweet. Yes, so if you need to fart now is the right time to do it. No one will notice so please be my guest and let one rip.”

There were two tours of the Parliament Buildings offered; either a guided tour taking about an hour and a half or you could do your own tour. That was our choice so we lined up at security. It was a deadly serious affair. I’d swear we were getting on a plane when we finished. Empty everything from your pockets, remove shoes, belts and hats; I was expecting to be approached with someone wearing rubber gloves.

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