"THEN THERE WAS ONE The Ultimate 70's Road Trip, a book written by Eric Whitehead and Murray Jupe, not only chronicles their personal journey in 1971 but also provides a snapshot of an era. It turned out to be as much an exploration of North American culture, as a vacation."

The Bradford Times and Sun Media 2011
Then There Was One.  The Ultimate 70's Road Trip by Eric Whitehead and Murray Jupe

After witnessing a possibly fatal accident Eric and Murray discover something about themselves that will guide them through their lives. By the time they get to Las Vegas the little tiffs and arguments have escalated and a final blowout prompts Murray to head to Vancouver by plane and Eric makes the long trip home in a car with virtually no brakes. Fortunately fate draws Eric and Murray together years later and they remain lifelong friends.

From a helicopter flight over the Orange Bowl prepped for Super Bowl V to watching Apollo XIV lift off from Houston's Manned Spacecraft Center, Eric and Murray realize the world has much to offer outside Toronto. Florida and Mexico provide relaxed days on the beach and nights interrupted by sleep talking and sleep laughing. Temperatures hit record lows and Murray swears he sees a kangaroo while camping in Florida; good times. In Mexico they experience incredible hospitality from the wonderful local people who offer their assistance at every turn.

Brimming with sociological observations and pop culture of that early seventies era, this is the journal, complete with photographs, of a road trip taken in 1971 by two young men just out of high school.

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